Giving grows our willingness to steward God’s resources for His glory.

Matthew 25:14-30

Day 1:

Becky Brooks

Matt. 25:14-30

This parable of Jesus focuses on service for the Kingdom of God. The master assigned responsibility based on ability. Likely, he knew servants one and two had faithfully carried out this kind of work in the past. The expectations for these servants were already high.

Servant three received a smaller assignment, perhaps because he had less experience. This might have been his first opportunity to start growing in his role as a servant well pleasing to the master.

Two kinds of growth would have been essential for the accomplishment of the assigned work. First, the servants would need the technical skills for handling resources handed over by the master. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the servants would invest time and effort to know the heart and desires of the master.

It appears that servants one and two performed well once again. Their results were joyfully presented to the master. Servant three had a unique opportunity to trust the master, to learn and to succeed. With a sense of sadness we read the text and his excuse.

In God’s kingdom, with which servant would each of us identify?

I must examine myself. Am I a faithful servant with a commitment to use my skills, and my knowledge of the Master’s desires? Do I recognize opportunity when it is presented? Do I trust the Master’s choice of assignment for me, knowing that following His leadership will result in kingdom accomplishment?

Am I a servant who, for many possible reasons, has not made developing my skills or getting to know the Master a priority?

Am I willing to begin a process of growth that includes developing my skills, seeking to use my resources, and learning more about the Master?

When our Master gives an assignment, we can trust His heart as He trusts us with His kingdom work.


Day 2:

Adam and Heather Clark 

Heavenly Father,
You are the Great Provider and Supplier of all our needs. You alone are the source of every good and perfect gift. All that we have has first come from Your hand. You have created us, sustained us, and entrusted us with the care of Your creation. For these rich blessings we give You thanks.

As we prepare for the journey ahead, may we be good stewards of the gifts given. May we return these gifts sacrificially, selflessly, and boldly knowing You are the supplier of each. May we give expectantly anticipating the rich returns for Your kingdom.


Day 3:

Melinda Cullen

 Our Precious Father,
We praise You and give thanks to You with all of our hearts. Your amazing love for us is more than we can ever comprehend.

Thank You for blessing us with Your words and Your promises.  Help us to remember these words and apply them each and every day. Thank You for being with us so we should not be afraid or discouraged.

We ask You to guide and encourage us as we take steps of courage and faith together during this capital campaign. Please let our church be a light and hope for Nashville.

In His precious name, Amen.

Day 4:

Bud Woodby

Lord, Your Word says that You have given spiritual gifts and talents to every believer. As such, you expect us to use those spiritual assets for Your glory and let Your light shine through us.

In the same way, You are the creator of everything that is part of us and our lives, including our livelihoods. Just as the master entrusted the servants in Matthew 25 to wisely manage his money, we know that You expect the same from us. Help us, Lord, to joyfully give back to You in a fashion that grows us in our Christian walk and stewardship, and blesses You and Your kingdom.


Day 5:

Kathy Wilcox 

Dear God,
I have been blessed with many gifts and opportunities, large and small. Let me always be mindful that they come from You, so that I can use them to grow and glorify Your kingdom. 
Let me be an inspiration to others to work diligently and not hide my gifts in the dark, keeping them to myself.  Instead, let me follow the example of Jesus who willingly gave His all for us.

Please bless the work of my hands and may it be fruitful. May I never grow weary as I wait for Your return.

In the Holy name of Jesus,

Day 6:

Margo Bradley

Dear Lord,
Thank You for the many ways You continue to bless our church.  

May we be obedient in our call to serve You.  May our focus be on the needs of others as we serve. 

May we be grateful for all You have given us and may we be good stewards of the gifts You have provided. 

Forgive us when we fall short and help us remember that You are faithful and trustworthy.  

Please continue equipping our church family to understand the Scriptures, cultivate spiritual growth, and live an inspired faith.

And at the end may Your words be, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”  Amen

Day 7:

Megan Wilson

Abba, Father, Immanuel, there is nothing I can give that You did not first give to me. Teach me — Help my head to be as receptive as my heart; don’t let me rest out of habit. Teach me to rest in the knowledge of Your faithfulness: “For to everyone who has, more will be given.” My bank account is not my god, but sometimes it feels like it. Do not let me rest there; let your Holy Spirit move me into the joy of my inheritance in heaven. Let my work be done for You alone. Amen