First Preschool

The First Preschool provides full-time, weekday care for preschool children. Our program combines current early childhood education practices with foundational Christian principles. An experienced teaching staff gives attention to the mental, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional need of each child.

Our Purpose

In planning our early childhood program, it is our ultimate goal to foster optimal development and the competence to function in an ever-changing world. Our staff sees optimal development as including:

  • A feeling of self-worth and self-confidence;
  • The capacity to trust, respect, and invest emotionally in ourselves and others;
  • Effective interpersonal and social interaction skills;
  • The ability to act and think independently and to develop self-control;
  • The ability to communicate ideas and feelings;
  • Understanding and organization of information about the physical and social environment;
  • The ability to acquire and use problem-solving skills;
  • Curiosity about the world and pleasure in learning and exploring.

We believe that all aspects of children’s development — personal awareness, emotional well-being, socialization, communication, cognition, creativity, and perceptual-motor — are fundamental as we support and encourage children’s development in all areas. Parents’ support and involvement are recognized as necessary for each child’s development and are essential for the successful operation of the Child Development Center. A parent’s participation is always welcomed and encouraged!


Children between the ages of six weeks and four years are eligible for admission. Parents who wish to enroll a child must make an initial visit and meet with the Director to tour the facility and discuss policies.

A packet of forms is given to the parent when the child has is accepted for enrollment. Some forms are for the parents’ information. Others are to be completed and returned on or before the first day of attendance.

As openings occur during the year, the spaces are filled from the waiting list. A written notice two weeks before the withdrawal of a child is required. If notice is not given, the parent is responsible for two weeks’ tuition.


For more information about First Preschool or to schedule a tour of the facility, contact First Preschool Director Marissa Moore, 615.664.6022.