Friday, Sept. 18, 2020

Prayer focus for the week:

Pray for the emergency personnel including local policemen, highway patrol officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

  • Rex Davenport, director of Nashville First Security
  • William Goodwin
  • David Goodwin
  • Larry Pollard
  • Deon White
  • Tommy Widener
  • Interim Chief John Drake
  • Commander Howey
  • All MNPD and MNFD Personnel



  • Bob Taylor, Summit


  • Peggy George, 9/22
  • Charlene Carter, 9/28
  • Carolyn Talley, 10/14

Recently Gone Home or in Rehab

  • Mary Lou Bryson, Richland Place
  • Harold Bergen, home


  • Tricia & David Miller and family in the loss of her uncle Leon Fitzgerald 9/14. Arrangements are pending.
  • Susan Hendel and family in the loss of her daughter, Cheryl Lynn Hendel of Illinois 9/16. Arrangements are pending.
  • Peggy Hollis and family in the loss of her husband Harry Hollis 9/13. A Facebook page ( had been established for people to express their appreciation for Harry. Arrangements are pending. 

First Cares:

  • Ejay Vidrine, 500 Elmington Ave., Apt. 211
  • Albert Wardin, 11 Burton Hills Blvd., Woodcrst 108, Nashville, TN 37215
  • Allen Adcox, 900 Heritage Way, Apt. S115, Brentwood, TN 37027


  • Amanda Poff’s brother
  • David George, ongoing chemotherapy

Prayer Calendar Update
Tony and Matt have put together a Prayer Calendar Team. These members make calls and pray each day for certain members. This is done and available to view on Realm.

To request prayer, call 615-664-6000, or email us at

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