Friday, Sept. 17, 2021



  • Arnold Von Hagen, Vanderbilt
  • Ada Hedden, Southern hills Rehab


  • Bill Byrge, Richland


  • Dick Waggener, Heart Ablation

Recently Gone Home or in Rehab

  • Joe Carter
  • John Eldredge
  • Joyce Byrd, NHC Cool Springs
  • Ronnie Storie, The Reserve Spring Hill
  • Tony Hernandez
  • Baylon Hillard
  • Rebecca Anne Johnson
  • Betty Norwood
  • Hazel Hughes
  • Mona Beard
  • Bill Walker, Hawaii
  • Joe Hampton

First Cares: 

  • Dorothy Chamberlain, 3850 Galleria Woods Dr., Apt 263, Hoover, AL 35244
  • Gladys Chatman, 11 Burton Hills Blvd., Apt 203, Nashville, TN 37215
  • Evelyn P. Clark, 504 Elmington Ave. Rm 327, Nashville, TN 37205-2508


  • Friends and family of Denise French Davis, friend on Shannon Meadors, who recently passed away from COVID
  • Jason Marsh’s aunt Cindy Loring
  • David Wells’ brother, Bill
  • Sue Edwards for good health and peace of mind
  • Shonna Greer’s brother, Brenton in Texas
  • Sharon Dulasong, cancer treatments
  • Hayes Garwood (Alene and Tom Harris, godparents)

Prayer Calendar Update
Tony and Matt have put together a Prayer Calendar Team. These members make calls and pray each day for certain members. This is done and available to view on Realm.

To request prayer, call 615-664-6000, or email us at

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