Our Team

Transitional Interim Pastor
Darrell Gwaltney

Dr. Gwaltney will be serving the church primarily in the role of pastor on Sunday mornings and assisting our staff with ministering to the congregation. Dr. Gwaltney is currently serving as dean for the College of Theology and Christian Ministry at Belmont University. He received a Ph.D. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Missouri-Kansas City; M.Div., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; B.A., Missouri Baptist College. He is an intentional interim who serves churches in transition with his gifts in leadership, discipleship, outreach, and missions. He and his wife of 40 years, Donna, have two grown daughters, a son, and a grandson.

615.664.6010 | Email

Senior Pastor’s Assistant
Kim Hester

615.664.6010 | Email

Our Team is listed below in alphabetical order by Ministry Area.

Christian Education & Discipleship

Pastor of Christian Education & Discipleship
Alan Raughton

615.664.6024 | Email

Children’s Ministry Assistant
Mary Bunn

615.664.6023 | Email

Student Pastor
Caleb Cummings

615.664.6051 | Email

Student Ministry Assistant
Sarah Galloway

615.664.6050 | Email

to Children

Shannon Meadors

615.664.6019 | Email

First Preschool Director
Marissa Moore

615.664.6022 | Email


Assistant to Pastor of Christian Education & Discipleship
Kelly Porch

615.664.6005 | Email

Senior Adult Program Director
Pam Stockett

615.664.6055 | Email

Worship & Music Staff

Pastor of Worship & Music
Joe Fitzpatrick

615.664.6031 | Email

Worship & Music Associate
Jason Cox


Children’s Choir Coordinator
Gwenn Fitzpatrick


Music Assistant
Laurie Hall

615.664.6030 | Email

Church Pianist
Kim Hester



Wesley Lankford


Worship & Music Associate, Organist
Ken Varner

Urban Missions

Pastor of Urban Mission
Gary Morgan

615.473.6485 | Email

Pastoral Care

Minister of Pastoral Care
Tony Rankin

615.664.6021 | Email

Receptionist & Pastoral Care Assistant
Matt Malone

615.664.6000 | Email


Interim Business Administrator
Macon Fields

864.905.9827 | Email


Security Director
Rex Davenport

615.664.6000 | Email

Rosa Estevez

Phone: 615.664.6000

Macon Fields


Bobby Bunn


Caleb Bunn


Facilities Manager
Israel Garcia

615.406.9314 | Email

Jacqueline Garcia

Phone: 615.664.6075

Ruben Herrera-Rodriguez


Receptionist & Pastoral Care Assistant
Matt Malone

615.664.6000 | Email

Business Assistant
Myra Mathis

615.664.6004 | Email

Director of Food Services
Angie Poore

615.664.6060 | Email

Finance Assistant
Kelly Porch

615.664.6005 | Email

Communications Director
Katie Shull

615.579.5770 | Email

Media Producer

Landon Todd