First Connections: January 2020


Frank and to the Point

2020 is here and with it brings not only the reminder of a fresh new beginning, but the incredible opportunity that falls to members of our church family to look back and recall the faithfulness of God in leading us to the celebration of our 200th Anniversary.

The Overcoming Church: Starting Over with Only Five Members

On July 22,1820, our church was founded as the Baptist Church of Nashville. The church had thrived under its first pastor, Reverend Richard Dabbs, a seasoned church planter from Virginia. The Baptist Church of Nashville had grown and prospered to the extent that it was able to build a handsome church building where the present-day Nashville Public Library now faces the state capitol.

Hand of God Was Instrumental in Forming the Joseph School

The Joseph School is a private school located in Cabaret, Haiti, and is currently serving 150 students in 1st – 5th grades. Public school as we know it is practically non-existent in Haiti and privately-run schools are very expensive when you compare it to the average Haitian household earnings of two US dollars per day.

Combined Worship with Ray Van Neste, January 26

Due to health concerns, Dr. Timothy George will no longer be able to come in January. Nashville First will welcome Ray Van Neste to the pulpit on Jan. 26 as our 200th Anniversary guest speaker. Van Neste is Dean of the School of Theology & Missions and Professor of Biblical Studies at Union University. He has published numerous books and scholarly essays on topics such as biblical studies, pastoral ministry, and church history. An ordained minister, Van Neste has served in Baptist congregations in Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Scotland. The church is invited to a lunch after the sermon in the Fellowship Hall to meet Van Neste and discuss church history.​

What Is Bible Drill?

What if every Sunday morning you could quickly find the Scripture reference that the sermon was based on? Chances are you were in Bible Drill at some point in your life. Helping intentionally develop Bible skills in the lives of children is what Bible Drill is all about.

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