Ecclesiastes: Finding Meaning in a World of Passing Pursuits

Led by Alan Raughton
Tuesday Mornings 6:30 a.m.-7:30 a.m. on Zoom
Begins October 18

At first glance, the book of Ecclesiastes paints a bleak picture. But is life really as empty and meaningless as Solomon seems to suggest? In a world as messed up, frustrating, and disappointing as ours, finding rooted, wise hope can be difficult. Navigating the complexities of life–work, relationships, aspirations, injustices–can be so confusing and exhausting.

Ecclesiastes offers a gritty look at how hard life can be, but it also points to where hope can be found in the midst of it. Yes, there are times when we suffer. There are times when things don’t make sense. But if we lift our eyes, we can see the truth that’s better than this life we live, and it’s found in Christ.

In this Bible study, you will:
● See that happiness and pleasure are gifts from God when enjoyed as He intends.
● Learn that Jesus is our wisdom—the way we can live wisely and find happiness.
● Get a biblical perspective on God, life, pleasure, and mortality.
● View your earthly pursuits from God’s perspective.
● Better understand the book of Ecclesiastes.

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