By Tony Rankin

When Jesus knew that he was going to be killed, he realized his closest friends and followers were concerned and worried about what they didn’t know.  He looked at them in John 14 and told them that he cared for them and wanted them to trust Him that when He said He would prepare a place for them, that He would.  When they wanted to know what God looked like He said, “If you have seen Me, you have seen God the Father.” He wanted to assure them that “It was going to be ok” in spite of the threats, the unknown, and the anticipated difficulties.

In these days of uncertainty, say the same phrases to those close to you or persons that you encounter. Say:

“I care for you.”  Practice indicating that you have compassionate for others.  It may be toward a family member, someone who puts groceries in your trunk, a first responder or hospital employee, a next door neighbor, or a person you normally pass and never speak to. It may be what you do for a vulnerable person during these days of crisis.

“You can trust me.”  Keep your promises.  Through vulnerable communication, indicate you want to be a safe person that will listen without judgement and will not share expressed ideas, fears, or concerns to anyone- no other friends, family members, or as prayer request in some small group. Bring comfort to younger persons, new Christ followers, and persons who say that you love and even your enemies.

“You can see God through me.”  In all of your behaviors and language, exemplify what God would look and sound like.  In these days of trying to understand Covid-19, refrain from political conversations that are filled with hate and doubt, arrogance and superiority, and anything that does not demonstrate the love of God and the hope we have in His power.

Everything you say and do can and will be remembered forever! Say each of the above, often.

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