In Connect Groups, you will have the opportunity to watch a short video message from our Giving Grows Chair, Philip Owens, which will be followed by a brief time for questions from key leaders in our congregation. See below where groups will be meeting:

9:00 a.m. Groups

Room 150

Pillars: Heritage, Men, Caregivers,
Abundant Life: Women, Men, The Bridge
Leaders: Bob Bunn, Steve Goins, David Fisher

7th Avenue Chapel

Encouragers Group
Leaders: Martha Kirkland, Wilburn Honeycutt, and Jerry Burden

9:15 a.m. Groups

Room 360

The Open Door, Pathfinders, Connecting
Leaders: Philip Owens, Jimmy Hester, Tommy Scudder

Room 340

Joshua, Stages, JOY, Young Married, Nearly Married
Leaders: Andrew Cotten, Joy Harris, Katherine Kennon

Room 440

Young Professionals, College, The Art of Marriage
Leaders: Becky Clay, David Clay, Vic Hatridge

Room 460

Leaders: Jim Edwards, Terrell Smith, Bill Phillips

Room 470-B

Stages II, Passages
Leaders: Denise Bronaugh, Brad Dunn, Deidre Carver

9:30 a.m. Group

Student Area

Students & Student Leaders
Leaders: Bob Bunn, Susie Roberson

11:30 a.m. Groups

Room 212

Children’s Leaders
Leaders: Philip Owens, Susie Roberson, Amy Dixon

Saturday Group

Coile Class – Wayne Ozment

Leader: Philip Owens