Nashville First Baptist entrusts a body of lay leaders, called trustees, to collaborate with the members, pastors, staff, deacons, and standing committees to oversee the work of the church. The nine trustees hold staggered terms, which means that three trustees are elected each year. The current Trustee Selection Committee members nominate the following individuals for trustee service from January 1, 2022, until December 31, 2024.

Voting for nominated Trustees will occur during the church business meeting, Dec. 8. Church members may also vote online or request a written ballot from the church office. Each trustee must be voted on individually according to church by-laws. All votes must be registered by 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 8. 

Wilburn Honeycutt

Wilburn is a current Trustee and is eligible and has agreed to serve a second term. Member since 1991; Encouragers Connect Group. Wife Susan; children Leslie Edgell, Nathan Honeycutt, Ellen Jones. Civil and structural engineer; owner of Honeycutt Engineering. Current service: Owner’s Representative for the Broadway Addition, Life Deacon, Building Committee, Security Service Group (co-chair), Deacon Security (co-chair), substitute teacher. Prior: Master Plan Implementation Committee, Property Management Committee (chair) Nominating Committee.

Steve Goins

Steve is a current Trustee and is eligible and has agreed to serve a second term. Member since 1982. Connecting Connect Group. Wife Alyssa; children Drew Goins, Diana Newlin, Emily Thomas. Licensed CPA. Retired from State of TN as Director in TDEC’s Division of Remediation (37 yrs). Current service: Deacon, Building Security. Prior: Offering Coordinator, Personnel Committee, Church Recreation Committee, Nominating Committee, RA leader, youth/adult rec league coach.

Linda Leathers Tullock

Member since 1999. Crossroads Dept (co-director). Husband Gary; mom Marge Leathers. President of Operation Andrew Group that seeks to “unite the Body of Christ as we partner with the local church to love God and our neighbors.” Current service: Finance Committee, Deacon. Prior: Former Minister with Single Adults and Community Ministries at Nashville First (5 yrs), Founding Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of The Next Door (17 yrs).


The current trustees are Jimmy Hester, Terrell Smith, John Galloway, Susie Roberson (term expires on December 31, 2021), Wilburn Honeycutt, Steve Goins, Brad Dunn, Joy Harris, and David Clay.