The Book of Job: A Deep Dive
Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Room 470-B | Led by Scott Schrecker

Begins August 17  ·  No cost

Did you know that the book of Job was never finished? Scholars do not know who wrote the book, or when it was written. Come learn about these and other mysteries and surprises as we journey with Job through his dark experience. This in-depth continuing study will work through the entire book of Job. New class members are welcome at any time. Bring a Bible, note-taking material, and a folder for handouts. Other resources will be recommended for those wanting further study.

The book of Job challenges us in unexpected ways. Who is God? What does He do, and not do? Why does the devil get to do bad things to people? Your theology will be tried. We will find out if Job is being tested and how the book purposefully tests the reader. Just as Job encounters the living God, so may we as we learn and study together.