Sanctuary Renovation Updates

Photos from Week of November 7-11

Photos from Week of October 16-22

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Sunday, June 26, our Sanctuary Service will be held in the Fellowship Hall on the third floor of our Broadway Addition. Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to come alongside us as we complete the project.

June 27, the area will be sealed off and the process of replacing air handlers and air-conditioning systems will begin. During this process, the Sanctuary and associated areas will have their air-conditioning turned off.

July 5, Church Interiors will begin the physical renovation with the removal of pews.

The Property Management Committee has appointed James Kennon to serve as the Owner’s Representative for the renovation project. He will interact with Church Interiors and Mankin Media on Nashville First’s behalf.

The contract with Mankin Media for audio/video/theatrical lighting has been completed, and they are in the process of ordering materials.

The contract with Church Interiors has now been completed, and they are moving forward.

The completion of the renovation is presently scheduled for the end of November.

God continues to call us to sacrificial giving and commitment. Giving Grows will help ensure that our shared worship space, the sanctuary, will be updated for an entirely new generation. If you have made a pledge, or would just like to make a single donation, you can still give by going online and selecting “Giving Grows” from the pull-down menu.


  • Jerry Burden, Chair
  • Starson Audate
  • Heath Bush
  • Deidre Carver
  • Amy Dixon
  • David Fisher
  • Scott Hatcher
  • Vic Hartridge
  • Katherine Kennon
  • Jeremy Moore
  • Mark Proctor
  • Tommy Scudder
  • Alan Raughton, Staff liaison
  • Kelly Porch, Staff liaison