Live missional in your neighborhood

We need to learn the skills of entering and dwelling both in and among the people where we live, work and play. Join with us as we introduce some ways in which you can join the movement of GOD IN THE City.

  1. Stay outside in the front yard longer while watering the yard.
  2. Walk your dog regularly around the same time in your neighborhood.
  3. Pass out baked goods (fresh bread, cookies, brownies, etc.)
  4. Invite neighbors over for dinner.
  5. Do a food drive or coat drive in winter and get neighbors involved.
  6. Have a game night (yard games outside, or board games inside).
  7. Art swap night – bring out what you’re tired of and trade with neighbors.
  8. Do a BBQ one evening and invite others to contribute.
  9. Create a block/ street email and phone contact list for safety.
  10. Organize a tasting tour on your street (everyone sets up food and table on the front porch).
  11. Have a front yard ice cream party in the summer or a s’mores night in the winter.
  12. Cook an extra casserole and give it to a neighbor.
  13. Buy an extra dozen donuts and give them to a neighbor.
  14. Organize an effort for neighbors to help take care of the elderly in your neighborhood.
  15. If you have a skill, let neighbors know that you can use it to help them for free.
  16. Collect good will store items and offer to take them to goodwill.
  17. Have a front yard ice cream party in the summer or hot cocoa party in the winter.
  18. Ask longtime residents to help you learn about the neighborhood.
  19. Offer to babysit neighbors’ kids so they can have a date night.
  20. Find out your neighbors’ birthdays and take them a card and baked goods on it.
  21. Setup a meet your neighbors’ night with drinks in your driveway/front yard.
  22. Ask your HOA or apartment community if they need help with anything.
  23. Host a regular Saturday morning breakfast potluck.


What else would you add?

How are you living out love at work?

How are you living out love in your neighborhood?