We find ourselves sequestered in our homes during these unprecedented days. We are isolated from friends, family, and fellow congregants. We are, however, blessed to gather in fresh and exciting ways through the use of modern technology. It was our intention in the month of May to gather in the Sanctuary of Nashville First Baptist for a Hymn Festival lifting our voices to sing the great hymns of our faith as we united the family of faith in resonant and resounding exclamations of worship and praise. We do not want to completely abandon this quest today, but under the circumstances must pursue our desire in a different manner. We are, consequently, making plans to create some videos which will afford us the pleasure of expressing our faith through singing and ministry through music.

We want to celebrate God’s abundant and enduring grace through the vibrant singing of timeless hymns and new expressions of the Christian faith all to the glory of God. We want to give thanks to the Lord for the authors and composers, poets and prophets, theologians and musicians who have been Divinely inspired to provide us with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Great theology, wedded with dynamic hymnology, better enables us to offer our finest doxologies in praise and adoration of Creator God.

We want to celebrate the hymns which you, the people of Nashville First Baptist, hold most dear, those which you return to time and time again in order to refresh your soul and rekindle your spirit. Would you be willing to assist in this endeavor by sharing with us your favorite hymns?

We want to celebrate the fact that music stirs our hearts, stimulates our minds, and motivates our feet for Christian living. Well-crafted music wedded with life-changing texts has a unique ability, through the power of the Holy Spirit of God, to eternally transform lives. We look forward to growing in Christ and experiencing together with you the wealth of new material and timeless treasures which for many years have provided a fresh voice of hymnody, psalms, and spiritual songs for the people of Nashville First Baptist.

Please complete the electronic survey below letting us know what would most bless your life in these uncertain days. May we vibrantly lift our voices and our lives in celebration of God’s abundant and enduring grace!

Amazed by His grace,
Joe A. Fitzpatrick
Worship and Music Pastor



Please complete form by Friday, April 24, in order for us to compile your favorite hymns.

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