Dear Church Family,

Seniors in New York for the Youth Choir Mission Trip.

In a time when we cannot even gather together as one, I’d like to remind everyone that God is good. I’ve found this simple phrase especially poignant recently as I reflect on the cancellation of the remainder of my high school years, taking with it its important moments like prom, graduation, and my summer mission trips. Senior year is already a confusing and emotional time, yet recent events have left many of my peers with a lack of closure. We left school one Thursday excited to have a long weekend unaware that it would be the last time we would step foot in the halls we called home for the last 4 years. I put on my baseball uniform for the last time without knowing I’d never play my favorite sport again. And while it may be easy to focus on these things we’ve lost; this is not the way our upbringing in the church has taught us to think. Instead, I’ve found it better to look back with gratitude at the way this church has filled up and prepared us to face times like these with joy and perseverance. Memories like my first Choir Tour snorkeling in Miami or getting tossed off the Blob into the lake at summer camp stick out to me now as key moments that defined relationships with both my friends and my Creator. These friendships with the senior class as well as many underclassmen are what have kept me joyful recently. Not to mention the many times that the church has provided support in previous times of trouble. I know every senior can think of times in the past where their family has been brought casseroles, random gifts, notes in the mail, or just random hugs on a Sunday morning. This church loves well, and this time is no exception. From all the seniors, we’d like to thank everyone for the text messages, letters, and just thoughts and prayers that we know many are sending our way. But really, we’d like to thank Nashville First for the 18 years of support, teaching, and love, and we hope we have brought and will continue to bring that same love back to the church.

Spencer Dunn

Spencer Dunn is the son of Brad and Melanie Dunn. He is graduating from Ravenwood High School with plans to attend Auburn University in the fall.

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