Giving grows our ability to leave a legacy that will make a difference in future generations.

Matthew 26:6-13

Day 1:

Meredith Rodriguez

Matthew 26:6-13

In Matthew 26:8, the disciples ask, “Why this waste?” upon seeing expensive ointment poured onto Jesus at the hands of a woman showing Him love and encouragement as a means of preparing for the mission ahead. They try to justify their concern and judgment by pointing out their perceived ‘better’ use for the ‘wasted’ perfume. Jesus, however, calls her action (depending on the translation) beautiful/noble/good in verse 10, and in verse 13 declares that she will be remembered for it. Her legacy. Serving the Lord with the most and the best that she had to offer; and out of love—not obligation.

As we see so many times in Scripture, and regularly in our own lives (usually in retrospect), there is a bigger picture, always. The disciples’ immediate response was based on what they saw in the moment and in the natural circumstances around them. It’s a limited view and is also rooted in a desire to have some control over the outcome.

Jesus’ response was based on the bigger picture in the spiritual realm that spans much greater time and depth, knowing the outcome was securely in His hands. Anytime we are assessing our resources, abilities, and opportunities, we must pray for the Holy Spirit to give us counsel and wisdom regarding the bigger picture—the one we cannot see with our own human eyes. We must also pray for courage and joy in following through wherever that counsel may lead us, even if it seems excessive, irresponsible, nonsensical, or … wasteful.

May our collective legacy be our willingness to pour out everything we have—our most and our best—onto the One in control of the mission ahead.  Nothing we pour out to the Lord will ever be wasted, and the eternal significance can never be fully measured.

Day 2:

Rebekah Hitchcock

Dear God, 

Thank You for all the gifts that you have graciously provided to us. Please help us all to give unto others to show your light and love to others and to continue Your works. Let us give to others our best to help build Your kingdom so that others may continue Your works and giving. 


Day 3:

Doug and Sara Johnson

Lord, we thank You for the lavish gifts that You have given us in your Son. We thank You for those that have given generously in the past, the foundation they have laid, and legacy they have built. Help us to give and to serve with even greater diligence. Help us to continue Your work in building a physical, and more importantly, a spiritual legacy for our children, our city, and our world.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Day 4:

Karen Howell

Heavenly Father,
I pray that You will bless our efforts as a congregation to maintain and restore our beautiful sanctuary.

I am glad for the opportunity to have worshiped here for four decades. I am thankful for the baptisms and weddings I have witnessed in this place, for the souls that have accepted the call of Christ here, for the sermons, for the music and voices offered for Your glory. I pray that our giving will be an act of faith and a reflection of our love for You. May future generations find us faithful to You and Your Word.

In Jesus’ name,


Day 5:

James Hargrave

Father God,
We pray for the children of today and the children of tomorrow. We pray for those who will have enough to eat, and for those who will live in constant hunger. We pray for those who will fear every tomorrow, and for those who will always know comfort and safety.

We pray for children who do not yet know You. And we pray for children who will show and tell them who You are.

God, we are Your children. Grant that our legacy will make a difference in Your kingdom and the lives of all children.


Day 6:

Judith King

Dear Heavenly Father,
We thank You for our church and for the wonderful legacy of those who have gone before us. We also thank You for giving us the opportunity to continue Your work in the downtown Nashville community. We pray that You will use our efforts to influence this community for generations to come.

As you did for the woman who poured precious oil on the head of Jesus, show me how I can best demonstrate my love for You. Please give each of us the wisdom to do your will at this time.

In Jesus’ name,

Day 7:

Sosie Reed

Dear Lord,
Thank You for the woman who covered Jesus with the oil. She gave her very best to Christ and didn’t even think about what it was costing her. She lost a lot of money by pouring it out. She did a kind thing just because she loved Jesus.

Please help me to be like her and be selfless in my actions to honor You and bless others.  Help me to be an example for others in my giving. Help me to have my legacy be giving all I’ve got to You and others.

Thank You for loving me.