Message from Pastor Frank

This past Sunday you were introduced to the Giving Grows Campaign Leadership Team. Our Trustees, Finance Committee, and Property Committee have worked with me over the past several months to prayerfully consider our options and best steps forward. We believe that the time is right for our church to come together to provide the resources for an unlimited future as Nashville’s Downtown Church.

A successful Giving Grows Campaign will fully fund the sanctuary renovations and significantly reduce the budget line item we will incur for the payoff of our new Broadway Addition. Without carrying those two expenses in our annual church budget, we will have ministry funds available to reach out more effectively to our neighbors and further the mission of our church.

For me personally, this is a significant goal for my last few months as your pastor. I believe Nashville First Baptist has an unlimited opportunity to be a vibrant and faithful witness for Middle Tennessee. We’ve been faithful in so many ways and I believe God will bless us abundantly beyond what we can hope or imagine as we pull together.

Giving grows God’s people in many ways. It stretches our faith, deepens our fellowship, and expands the reach of the gospel. I cannot imagine a better legacy! Here are some dates I hope you will place on your calendar as we join together for Giving Grows.

  • Vision Sunday: October 17
  • Giving Grows Emphasis: October 24-November 14
  • Giving Grows Commitment Day: November 21
  • Giving Grows Celebration Day: December 12

The best is still ahead. Let’s pull together and see what God has in store.

Blessings, Pastor Frank