*As we navigate this season of cold, flu, and Covid, we ask you to err on the side of caution and if your child shows any sign of illness, please keep them home. We are working so hard to keep everyone healthy and safe, we ask that parents also do their part. 
First Preschool follows the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Nonspecific conditions for which exclusion from child care is required include:
❖ Fever of 100 degrees or higher
❖ Diarrhea
❖ Vomiting
❖ Mouth sores
❖ Unexplained rash
❖ Runny nose with thick green discharge
Children that have been ill in the past 24 hours or are showing any sign of illness should be kept at home. If a child becomes ill during the day, you will be notified. The child will be isolated and should be picked up by the parent (or another authorized person) as soon as possible. Before returning to the center, children should be free of all symptoms (fever, vomiting, diarrhea) for 24 hours without the aid of medicine.
A doctor’s note must be presented before returning to CDC from a highly contagious disease.
Medications may be given to a child by our staff only with written permission from the child’s parent. Medication permission forms are located in each classroom.
All medicines must be received from the parent by a First Preschool staff person and all documentation must be provided by parents and staff.
No medication to suppress a fever (Motrin, Tylenol, etc.) shall be administered by First Preschool staff.
Never leave medicines in a child’s diaper bag or cubby. All medicines must be placed in a locked box located in each classroom.
In case of an emergency, First Preschool will proceed with necessary emergency treatment. The child’s parent(s) and the doctor will be notified. On-duty physicians will be used if the child’s doctor is not immediately available.