As the body of Christ, we are electing new deacons to begin serving in December 2021. The nominating process is open from now until September 19, with the final vote to follow in October. Deacon Election Committee members encourage you to thoughtfully and prayerfully participate in the election process by completing EITHER a paper ballot or an electronic ballot.


Online voting must be completed by 9 p.m., Sunday, September 19, 2021.

Paper ballots are available at Nashville First. Completed paper ballots must be placed in the ballot boxes by 1 p.m. Sunday, September 19, 2021. A paper ballot may be mailed to you by request by calling Kim Hester at 615.664.6010. Paper ballots submitted by mail must be postmarked by September 17, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Election Chairman, Joy Fisher. We encourage you to give this vital process your prayerful attention.

The Deacon Election Committee

Names of members who can be nominated:

For a listing of people who are eligible to be nominated, please click here. 

Please do not vote for the following people, because they are currently serving as deacons or are life deacons. 

Life Deacons:
Allen Adcox, Harry Chapman, Ray Conner, Tommy Dixon, Norma Gabhart, Tad Harris, Jimmy Hester, Wilburn Honeycutt, Bob Jones, Bruce Meriwether, Jim Shull, Fred Turner, Wes Turner, Bill Walker, and Larry Yarborough

Current Deacons:
Walker Batts, Ted Beard, Harold Bergen, Louis Boyte, Russ Bradley, Denise Bronaugh, Bob Bunn, Heath Bush, Chuck Cagle, Gay Campbell, Jeff Carris, Joe Carter, Diana Chandler, Bill Chaney, Tom Clark, David Clay, Andrew Cotten, Kevin Cullen, Gena Edwards, Steve Finch, David Fisher, John Galloway, Steve Goins, Tim Hall, Dennis Harris, Nick Holt, Jason Jean, James Kennon, Don King, Rick Mathis, Bill McKee, Kyle Meadors, David Miller, Jeff Mobley, Kelly Moreland-Jones, Greg Patterson, Kelly Porch, Jim Powell, Lisa Pruitt, Barry Roberson, Jason Rogers, Scott Ruark, Nancy Ryals, Donna Scudder, Joel Shideler, Jason Shull, Tim Stewart, Sam Talley, Linda Tullock, Angie Tune, Steve Walsh, William Webb, Jack Wedekind, Richard Winstead, and Eleanor Yarborough

What is a Deacon?
Deacons are individuals selected by the congregation to prayerfully and consistently undergird and support the mission and ministry of Nashville First Baptist through moral, spiritual and servant leadership. The qualifications of a Deacon are based in Scripture. Deacons are ordained to serve in the total ministry of the church, including pastoral ministries, with designated duties for Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, the church offering, benevolent needs within the church, building security, and greeting visitors. Read the Qualifications of a Deacon here