Children’s Music

Children’s Choirs

Our Children’s Choirs are staffed by talented spiritual leaders committed to sharing the love of God with children. Choir teachers model for children the joy of worshipping the Lord through His gift of music. Priority is given to instrumental exploration, music fundamentals, and opportunities to lead in worship.

Children’s Choirs are for four-year-olds through Grade 6. Rehearsals are at 5:40 p.m. Wednesday.

  • Pre-K (age 4) through Kindergarten Music
  • Music Makers I (grade 1)
  • Music Makers II (grades 2-3)
  • Young Musicians (grades 4-6)

Children’s Music Arts Camp

Children’s Music Arts Camp is a week full of musical activities during the summer for children who have completed grades 1 through 6. Classes include Bible Study, Orff instruments, guitar, handbells, “Rockin’ Rhythms,” choreography, recorders, and ukuleles. The children also learn a musical, which they present on the Sunday evening following camp.


We are blessed with one of the finest, most energetic, and creative teams of leaders who love children and love the Lord.  These leaders help guide our children to a deeper awareness of God’s love for them and to know that Jesus, His only Son, is the way to salvation. The underlying principles of music-reading based on the study of rhythm, melody, harmony, expression, and form are the music foundations learned.


Children’s Choir Coordinator: Gwenn Fitzpatrick

Preschool Music (Age 4 – Kindergarten)

  • Director: Julie Lankford
  • Leaders: Bill Emeott, Diane Skelton, Caroline Lankford, Mike Winslett, Connie Winslett, Leigh Hitchcock

Music Makers l (Grade 1)

  • Director: Laurie Hall
  • Leaders: Carol Butler, Linda Pettus, Jill Jackson

Music Makers ll (Grades 2 – 3)

  • Director: Gwenn Fitzpatrick
  • Leaders: Michelle Harper, Carl Hester, Lisa Kennedy, Lee Ann Ratcliff

Young Musicians (Grades 4 – 6)

  • Director: Vicki Wright
  • Leaders: Gordon Brown, Melita Thomas, Catherine Williams