Nashville First Baptist entrusts a body of lay leaders, called trustees, to collaborate with the members, pastors, staff, deacons, and standing committees to oversee the work of the church. The nine trustees hold staggered terms, which means that three trustees are elected each year.

The trustee chair (currently Jimmy Hester) is responsible for appointing an ad hoc Trustee Selection Committee to coordinate trustee elections. The current Trustee Selection Committee members are David Clay and Susie Roberson (as trustee members), Chuck Cagle (as the deacon chair), and Joy Fisher and Jim Shull (as other members).

The current term for Steve Goins, Wilburn Honeycutt and Susie Roberson as trustees will expire on December 31, 2021. Each of these trustees is eligible for a three-year renewal term. The continued service of each of these trustees is affirmed by the Trustee Selection Committee; however, Susie Roberson has informed the committee that she is unable to serve for the renewal term. As a result, the congregation needs to nominate another member to be included on the slate with Steve Goins and Wilburn Honeycutt.

Please prayerfully consider anyone that God lays on your heart to nominate as a potential trustee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Trustee Selection Committee.

Thank you,
David Clay
Susie Roberson
Chuck Cagle
Joy Fisher
Jim Shull