The Life of a Jesus Follower
Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 am on Zoom | Led by Alan Raughton
Begins August 16  | No Charge

Discover the Simplicity and Purity of Following Jesus

Does Christianity ever seem like a burden to you? Why is something that came so naturally to Jesus so difficult for us? We have complicated and over-programmed the simple way that Jesus showed us to love God and others.

Following Jesus is all about relationships! It begins with a daily, intimate relationship with the Father. It spills into a fellowship with other believers. And it overflows into sharing our relationship with Jesus with those who don’t know Him at all.

These relationships define the essence of the life of a Jesus follower. And when we follow Jesus’ model of relationship, we will sink into the freedom He offers. We will stop working so hard, bound by the exhausting and burdensome rules of religion. Instead, we will allow His life to take over our own.

This Bible study will help you:

  • Invest in the three key relationships modeled by Jesus.
  • Exchange the “burden” of religion for the simpler, biblical method of following Jesus.
  • Connect with others in Biblical community.
  • Develop healthy habits to become a growing follower of Jesus.
  • Find your place in God’s mission.

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