Summer Sermon Series

The book of Acts is the second volume of Dr. Luke’s historical and spiritual narrative. The first volume is the Gospel of Luke which details the story of Jesus from his birth through his resurrection. Acts picks up with the ascension of Jesus, and details the new movement that we call “the church.”

When I think about the challenges this new movement encountered, I honestly feel as if there was never a time when the church as we know it was more like the first century church. To be specific, I’m talking about our church in the midst of the rebirth of our city. Try to keep track of the construction cranes on your next drive into town. (Watch out for the scooters though!) Pay attention to the new businesses coming to town bringing with them a new opportunity for economic development in our city. Events like the NFL Draft have elevated Nashville to a new place of preeminence for event planners. The opportunity to share the gospel in this environment is unprecedented—until you consider the early church and her story recorded in Acts.

By studying how the movement begins in Acts, we will study our mission and our mission field. Of course, we will also consider the source of the movement’s power, the precious Holy Spirit of God.

When God’s Spirit moves, you don’t want to miss it. If God’s Spirit moves again, it will challenge each one of us. By studying the details of the movement in Acts, we might discover new ways of doing things, and we will probably discover old ways of doing things in a unique and meaningful way.

I hope you will join us for Acts: The Movement Begins starting this summer at Nashville First Baptist Church.

—Frank R. Lewis, senior pastor

Series Titles and Texts

June 2 | The Movement Begins | Acts 1:1-26
June 9 | The Movement is Empowered | Acts 2:1-41
June 16 | The Movement Produces a New Kind of Community | Acts 2:42-47
June 23 | The Movement Encounters a Challenge | Acts 3:1-4:31
June 30 | You Can’t Fake The Movement | Acts 5:1-11 | Combined Service