Senior Pastor Search Committee

Nov 19, 2021

The objective of a pastor search committee is to serve the mission and purpose of the church. As directed by our Church Bylaws, the Trustees “nominate a Senior Pastor Search Committee to be approved by the church membership.” Upon approval, the search committee will “organize its work and recommend a nominee for consideration by the church membership.” (Bylaws of First Baptist Church of Nashville; XIII. Call of a Senior Pastor)


Charles Overby and his wife, Andrea, joined in 1970. Charles is currently a teacher in the Mosaic Connect Group. He formerly taught in the Encouragers Class and served as co-director of the Young Marrieds Sunday School Department. Among the many leadership roles he has filled in our church, he was chair of the 2004 capital campaign. Charles served on the board of Regents of Baylor University for 10 years and was a member of the Board of Visitors for Duke University Divinity School.


Melita Thomas has been a member since 2005. She directs Kindergarten Sunday School, is a member of the Sanctuary Choir and the Sanctuary Ringers, and is a leader in 1st/ 2nd grade choir. Melita will also begin serving on the Personnel Committee in 2022. She previously served on the Planning Council, Executive Leadership Team, and as Interim Children’s Minister. Melita is employed by Lifeway Christian Resources as VBS and Kids Ministry Specialist. She is the proud aunt to Jacob and Jesse, who often attend NFBC with her.


Renee Matthews has been a member since 2010. She and her husband, Andy, are parents to Harper (17), Dabbs (14), and Catherine (5). She teaches the 7th/8th grade Student Connect Group. She previously served as Childhood Ministry Committee Chair, Family Enrichment Committee Chair, GA Director and leader, and VBS leader. Renee was an elementary school teacher before moving to Nashville, and currently is a substitute teacher for Williamson County Schools.


Melinda Cullen is a lifetime member of Nashville First Baptist. She and her husband Kevin were married at the church 30 years ago and have been active members with their two children Blake (22) and Katie (20). She served as Chair and Co-Chair of the Nominating Committee for several terms and teaches in the Pathfinder Connect Group. She is a CPA and has worked for the past 21 years as Co-Chief Financial Officer of a private equity firm in Brentwood.


Brennen Febles has been a member since 2018. A graduate of Samford University, Brennen currently serves on the Personnel Committee and the Hospitality Service Group. He was a member of the Youth Pastor Search Committee (2020) and chaired the Media Producer Search Committee (2021). He is a Financial Planner with Ronald Blue Trust in Brentwood.

Chey Gethers joined as a pre-teen in 1997. She is married to Nate and they are parents of Ann and Daxon. They teach the Nearly/Newly Married Connect Group. She currently serves on the Nominating Committee. Previous service includes the Executive Leadership Council, the Women’s Service Group, and teaching in Babies B Sunday School. Chey is an Intelligence Analyst with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Jan Williams first joined in 1952. He and his wife Elaine (Adcox) were married at First Baptist Church in 1964. They are parents of two daughters and grandparents of five. He currently serves on the Finance Committee and attends the Connecting Connect Group. Jan is the retired Head of the Accounting Department and Dean of the Haslam Business School at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Following his retirement, Jan and Elaine returned to Nashville and rejoined NFBC in 2013. While in Knoxville, he was an active church member with service on several finance and search committees.