Nashville First will be open for both worship services and Sunday school this Sunday. We are committed to keeping you safe during this time and following all the proper precautions.

Worship Care & Children’s Sunday School Reservations

Ms. Shannon and the Children’s Ministry Team would like everyone to register their children’s attendance for Sunday mornings. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Bunn at

Please view this video below of what to expect when we return to church.

Our church has some unique issues and we are a large venue, so the precautions we must take might be different from other venues. Keep in mind, compliance is an expression of care for those around you. Even if you feel safe, others may be more vulnerable or unlikely to attend without safety measures in place, so please make every effort to follow these precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time.

What to expect when you return to church.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, we recommend that those in the Vulnerable Population* at higher risk of severe illness continue to participate and worship online.

Vulnerable Population is defined to include those 65+ years of age and those of any age with serious underlying health conditions. More information can be found here:

Regathering Task Force Members:

  • Dr. Frank R. Lewis, Senior Pastor
  • Alan Raughton, Pastor of Christian Education and Discipleship
  • Joe Fitzpatrick, Worship & Music Pastor
  • Rex Davenport, Security
  • Pam Stockett, First Adults
  • Katie Shull, Communications
  • Jimmy Hester
  • Dr. Doug Johnson
  • Susie Roberson
  • Dr. Donna Scudder
  • Shannon Meadors, Minister to Children

Keep in mind the church will move through these phases as the data permits, dates and items may change based on new information.

Any Items not addressed in this chart will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact a minister or church staff member for additional guidance.