Our Stories

While visiting and attending a new church can be an intimidating experience, take comfort in this–every one of our members and regular attendees was once in your shoes. Our congregation is full of vibrant and diverse people who are seeking the same thing you are — fellowship with fellow believers in Christ. What better way to learn about our church than to hear the stories of those who have found what they’re looking for in our congregation?

These are their stories … and in turn, Our Stories as well.

Share your story!

We want to hear how God is bringing real transformation to your life.

Why tell your story?

Our transformation story is the best tool we have to spread the Good News. It is personal, it is real, and it is the thing we know the most about our own experience with God.

Write your story down.

Take some time to sit down, pray, and write out your personal testimony asking the Holy Spirit for help. Writing it down will help you organize your thoughts.

How long should it be?

Your story should be able to be told in 3 minutes or less. This may seem like a challenge but a good story should be engaging and concise. All of Jesus’s parables were this way and we would love to tell stories like Jesus.

Focus on these three areas

Your life before Christ

How you met Christ

The Difference Jesus has made in your life

Tell us your story and let us know if you’d like to share your story with the rest of the church. Someone from our staff will contact you.

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