Ryman Auditorium uses a special ticketing app to distribute all its tickets, called AXS. We are required to register via AXS in order to attend the Easter Community Worship Service. Our service is free of charge. All seats are general admission. Please try to register ahead of time, in order to smoothly enter Easter morning. People can walk up to the box office Easter morning and get a ticket if needed.

1. Before downloading your tickets, install AXS Mobile App:

2. Securing your virtual pass for the Ryman:

  • Visit Ryman’s Event Page for Nashville First
  • Click “Join Waiting Room” and then go to “Get Tickets.”
  • Select only the number of tickets you need. Click the “General Admission” button, there are no assigned seats. Note: these tickets are NOT transferrable. Then click “Continue.”
  • You will be asked to create an AXS Mobile account if you don’t already have one. If you do already have one, just log in.
  • Ryman will send you a confirmation email with a number. This is not your ticket; it cannot be used for entry. Your ticket is on the AXS app.
  • Before arriving at the venue, open your AXS app and make sure your email is validated. Once that step is done, your tickets will be under the ticket icon at bottom of the screen within the app.

3. Easter morning, you will pull up the AXS app on your smartphone and show the QR code to enter.

  • Bought tickets for a group? Make sure everyone enters together at the same time. You will only get one QR code for all your tickets.

4. What if you need extra help?

  • Guides and greeters will be able to help you Easter morning. You can also walk up to the box office and get a code there.
  • Helpers will be available after worship on Sunday in the 1st floor Hub lobby. We will also hold a special session during Midday April 4. Just bring your smartphone with you.