ReGathering Plan for Nashville First Baptist Church

Link to web page with detailed information.

​Are You at a Higher Risk?

As you may know, Mayor Cooper has extended Nashville’s “safer-at-home” order until May 8. However, many surrounding areas are beginning to open up, leaving some to wonder is it safe for me to venture out more? In order to protect yourself and your family, it is good to know who may be at a higher risk. Click here to read. 

Your Words Matter

When Jesus knew that he was going to be killed, he realized his closest friends and followers were concerned and worried about what they didn’t know.  He looked at them in John 14 and told them that he cared for them and wanted them to trust Him that when He said He would prepare a place for them, that He would.  When they wanted to know what God looked like He said, “If you have seen Me, you have seen God the Father.” He wanted to assure them that “It was going to be ok” in spite of the threats, the unknown, and the anticipated difficulties. Click here to read full article. 


Vanderbilt Hospital Fact Sheet

A quick-one sheet guide to keep you and your community safe. 

TN Dept. of Mental Health COVID-19 Resources

An informational sheet with links to online recovery and support groups.

A Safe Nashville: Nashville/Davidson County 

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville has created this website to help you understand the disease and answer your questions. 

Statewide COVID-19 Reports

View media briefings from Gov. Lee and the TN Health Department