Combining of Worship Services – FAQ

As we continue to draw nearer to the arrival of your new pastor, we will be focusing on coming together in worship, our work in the community, and preparing for the future God is creating for this church. Coming together in worship presents a key opportunity for us to join our hearts and voices together, encourage and strengthen each other, and learn from each other’s passion for worship and service.

We have created this FAQ to gather answers to many of the good and helpful questions we all have about how we can make this transition. Your dynamic and faithful ministers will be working diligently over the next month as we prepare for this transition to one worship service. Please continue to pray for the way God will be working in our church now and in the month and years to come.


Why is the church creating one Worship Service?

Ministry staff and other church leaders have been prayerfully considering how to prepare our congregation for our next senior pastor.  For over a year, ministry staff have been working together to enhance ministry planning and communication. Through these intentional collaborative meetings, the review of having two worship services with two distinct Pastors came more clearly into focus.

Information that was helpful in this review included –information gathered by the senior pastor search committee through the listening sessions, which identified that “being unified” is one of the top priorities of our church members, the beautifully planned and executed worship experience at the Ryman – not because of how many came – but the because of the vibrance of the service itself, and compelling data regarding current church participation rates.

Earlier this year, the ministers’ work was further supported when the senior pastor search committee made the Trustees aware that having two different pastors preaching in our worship services was one of the top comments/questions raised by senior pastor candidates and a potential barrier for moving forward.

That said, the ministry team also identified that the opportunities for deeper spiritual growth and connectedness were opportunities that we did not want to miss. Transitions are unique times of reflection and contemplation, and our ministry team has proposed a worship service that is building hope for a bright future at Nashville First.


How does one Worship Service help us achieve our Vision?

Everything we do is centered around the mission and vision of our church. Our vision “to be a diverse community intentional in sharing the truth, hope and love of Jesus Christ with the priority of engaging and growing beginning in downtown Nashville.”

We are working to live out the vision by being intentional in preparing for our future. We are bringing together two communities both sharing the truth, hope and love of Jesus Christ, for the opportunity to love and serve each other well while working together to engage more fully in our community. Further, our vision reflects that for believers in Christ – more unites us than divides us – what a wonderful Godly example to our community.


Why can’t we do things the same?

Our mission and vision are not stagnant, and our ministry team has laid out a plan that allows our church to prepare for the future. It is an important step in unity, spiritual development and furthering the Kingdom of Christ. We are stronger together.


When will our services officially merge?

The anticipated date to begin worshiping as one, is July 9, at the earliest. It will coincide with the opening of our newly renovated Sanctuary.


Will we ever have more than one worship service?

It is our prayer that God continues to work at Nashville First. As we look to grow and further engage in the community and world around us, future leaders will mold and shape many aspects of the church to meet the needs of God’s people.


Will the church vote on worship?

Church policy does not require a vote on worship services. The ministers at Nashville First are called by God to lead in ministry. Our church acknowledges that calling and shows support by voting on the individuals at the time they are called. They will continue to do the work of ministry in the church including leading and facilitating worship.


Will the church vote on the next Senior Pastor?

The Senior Pastor Search committee – nominated and elected by the church body – will present a candidate to our congregation. There will be a vote of the church body.


What is the role of the Trustees?

The church bylaws provide that trustees are “to collaborate with the members, pastors, staff, deacons, and standing committees to oversee the work of the church.” The specific duties of the Trustees are laid out in the church bylaws adopted in 2019.

The Trustees fully support our ministers and leaders to move forward with this initiative.


What will the Broadway Chapel be used for if there is no Fellowship on Broadway?

The Broadway Chapel is a multi-use space. This summer, among other things, it will welcome the praise and worship for all who attend Vacation Bible School and Music Arts Camp.

The Broadway Chapel space is used by our various ministries in many ways and by our community.  So far this year, we have hosted Ministry Leader Training, the Metro Police Memorial Service, and a First Adults Luncheon. The vision for the space was for it to be a way to further engage with our community and it will continue to allow for opportunities in that engagement.


What type of worship music style should we expect?

Our very talented worship and music leaders are hard at work to make sure our worship services are engaging and honoring to God. It will include the wonderfully talented musicians we have at Nashville First.


What happens with our current team who lead Worship in Fellowship on Broadway?

They are part of the talented worship and music leaders and will continue to be engaged in building worship.


Will the Choir, Orchestra, Organ, and Praise Team still play on Sunday mornings?

Yes, the elements of our current worship styles will be present for worship.


What can I do?

Be in prayer for our ministry team and for our next senior pastor. Use this opportunity to further engage in building relationships here at Nashville First and seek opportunities to get plugged in!

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