Hope. Peace. Joy. Love.

These are promises we have through Christ our Savior, and though we live by faith, we also can be comforted and reminded through visual reminders of these promises.

The Nashville First Devotional Guide Committee needs your help to gather two items for our upcoming Advent guide:

1) a favorite promise found in the Bible with a sentence about why this is meaningful to you


2) a piece of art or a photo of a special memento in your life that represents one of those four promises to you — a beloved heirloom, a favorite spot on your favorite hiking trail, a handmade item, or even a person/moment!

For example: This handmade quilt brings me joy because it reminds me of my grandmother and her love for our family.

Email to judithk300@gmail.com by September 21, and be sure to put ‘Advent Promise Word’ as your email subject.

Include the following:

  • Your name, how long you have been a member of our church, and the best way to contact you
  • Your promise verse with a sentence about it
  • a photo of your item with a brief description of why the photo represents to you hope, peace, joy, or love

We look forward to receiving your submissions, and may God richly bless you.