Living His Story - 1820-2020

Countdown to the Bicentennial Date








First Baptist Church, Nashville, TN (established July 22, 1820) celebrates her 200th Anniversary in 2020.

The Bicentennial Celebration Steering Committee exists to design and implement a year-long series of emphases and activities that commemorate the congregation’s history and propels her into new avenues of ministry.

Details will continue to develop as we march toward 2020.

Inviting Our City

First Baptist has been a part of downtown Nashville for 200 years and our neighbors are an integral part of our history.

We want them to know about and join the celebration.

Team Leader: Patrick Watts

Recognizing Our Past

With 200 years of history in the books, the bicentennial celebration provides an opportunity to retell some of the intriguing stories that shaped our church and the city of Nashville.

Looking back at our past allows us to remember those who have gone before us and their hopes and dreams for our church.

Recapturing the spirit of those days reminds us of the sacrifice it takes to reach people for Christ and is a testimony of God’s activity through our church.

Team Leader: Bill McKee

Voicing Our Gratitude

God has blessed our congregation in many ways and we are a grateful people.

At the heart of the celebration is our expressions of gratitude through our worship experiences for those who have served as church leaders, resources that support ministries, and strategic property secured in downtown Nashville.

Team Leader: Laurie Hall

Celebrating Our Birthday

Like most families, we want to celebrate our 200th birthday with our friends and neighbors.

Hosting events that include our community is a way to express our love and appreciation.
Team Leaders: Annessa Jean & Bill Emeott

Gifting Our Community

During the celebration, we will express our love in various ways to the Nashville community.

We will celebrate our partnerships with other congregations and organizations that meet needs of people and share the love of Christ.
Team Leader: Jimmy Hester

Gathering Our Family

Families treasure times together to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays.

Our church family is no different and will value a personal time of reflection and celebration during the bicentennial events.

Team Leaders: Susie Roberson & Melanie Dunn

Updating Our House

The church’s current Master Plan expresses in a tangible way our commitment to the future downtown ministry of our church.

Providing safe, efficient, attractive, and meaningful facilities that bring glory to God is important for generations to come.

Team Leader: Mark Edwards

Launching Our Future

With 200 years on record, it is appropriate that we use the occasion of this celebration to launch our future and build upon the effective ministries currently in place.

First Baptist must share Christ and continue to have a significant Christian presence in downtown Nashville.

Team Leader: Mark Edwards