Adult Bible Studies

Adult Divison

Young Professionals

  • Room 470A
  • Single, 35 and under
  • Teacher: Lori Towns


New Covenant

  • Room 370
  • Coed, 20s-early 40s, nearly/newlywed, young married with no children or with children from birth into school-age

These young adults gather to learn, encourage, fellowship, and grow in their personal relationship with Christ.

  • Directors: David & Becky Clay
  • Contact: Brandon Owen
  • Missions: Chase Worrell
  • Fellowship: Karen Bush, Joy Harris


  • Nearly Newlywed: Beginning well for a lifetime of deepening love
    Teachers: Roger & Kay Thiele; Joel & Kimee Shideler
  • Young Married: Parents of older preschoolers and young children
    Curriculum: The Gospel Project (LifeWay)
    Teachers: Patrick & Lydia Watts
  • Stages: Parents of school-aged children
    Curriculum: Selected book of the Bible
    Teachers: Brad Dunn & Tim Hall
  • Bryson Class: Open
    Curriculum: Selected book of the Bible
    Teachers: Jim & Carol Bryson
  • Young Professionals: 35 and under
    Teachers: Bill Owen & Blake Bratcher


  • Room 360
  • Ronnie Boling, Cliff & Mary Vaughn, Kevin & Melinda Cullen
  • Co-Directors: Brian & Kelly Smith
  • Coed, 30s-mid 50s, single and married with no children or with children/younger youth

Married couples in their mid-thirties to around fifty. Most are parents of children or younger youth. Both singles and childless couples are welcome!


  • The Open Door: A peer-led group of younger members that utilize three rotating teachers providing opportunities for those that love to teach to do so.
    Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life (LifeWay)
    Teachers: John Galloway; Andy Matthews; John & Grace Wilkinson
  • The Waggener Class: Using LifeWay’s Explore the Bible series that rotates between books in the Old Testament and the New Testament, this is a question/discussion-style class, intended to make the Bible practical to real life. Humor is a frequent characteristic during the class’s lively discussions.
    Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)
    Teachers: Rob Waggener, Mark Pickrell
  • 40s & 50s
    Curricululm: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)
    Teacher: Gary Eaton

The Quest

  • Room E120
  • Coed, 40+, single
  • Curriculum:  Explore the Bible (LifeWay)
  • Contact: Fran Hoogestraat
  • Teacher: Fred Baumgartner

Members encourage each other, seeking God’s guidance on our Quest of life. Sharing honest struggles and questions, we acknowledge we don’t have all of the answers and celebrate a Savior’s grace for our journey.


  • Room E220
  • Coed, 50s-60s, single and married

As a transitions department, most members who have children no longer have them at home. Members are facing the challenges of mid-life with family, career, health, and life goals.

  • Directors: Gary & Linda Tullock
  • Co-Directors: Thom & Debbie Thurman
  • Missions: Kathy Wilcox
  • Outreach: Nancy Brock
  • Secretary: Mary Alice McMains


  • Mosaic: Chuck Cagle, Rob Sterling, Paul Sims, Jeff Mobley
    Curriculum: Smyth & Helwys
  • New Heart: Steve Finch
    Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)

Abundant Life

  • Room E200
  • Pamela Stockett, Pat Haskins
  • Coed/men/women, 60s-70s, single and married, near retirement

A department of single and married adults in their 60s and 70s, some working professionals, some retired.

  • Directors: Pamela Stockett, Pat Haskins
  • Fellowship: Pat Haskins
  • Communication: Peggy Newport


  • Coed A: Jesse Pedigo
    Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)
  • Coed B: Lanell Coile, Wayne Ozment, Tom Clark
    Curriculum: Varies, currently Mark for Everyone
  • Women: Linda McDugald
    Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)
  • Men: Gary Gober
    Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)


  • Room E130
  • Bill McKee
  • Coed, 60s-70s, retirement
  • Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)

Members range in age from mid-60s to 70s, most are retired professionals, both men and women. Many have been long time members of the church and have been in Bible Study together for many years.

  • Director: Bill McKee
  • Associate Director: Kathy Hughes
  • Teachers: Richard Winstead


  • Room 150
  • James & Kelly Porch
  • Coed/men/women, 70s-80s, single and married, early retirement

This department consists of older adults with ages ranging from mid-sixties to eighties. People have migrated to this group because of various interests and friendships that have lasted through the years. New members in our Bible Study community have been quickly welcomed and involved. There are divorcees, widows and widowers, as well as couples in this department. Within the department there are three Bible Study classes from which a person can choose.

  • Directors: James & Kelly Porch
  • Outreach: Glenda Turner
  • Activity Leader: Marge Leathers
  • Worship Leaders: Nancy Ryals, Bill Carver, Jerry Brown


  • Men (Room 151): Harold Smith
    Curriculum: Selected book of the Bible
  • Caregiver (Room150D): Julia Smith
    Curriculum: Foundations (Smith & Helwys)
  • Heritage (Room 150): Dick Waggener
    Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)
  • Koinonia (Coed, Room 150G): Albert Wardin
    Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)

Good News

  • Room 150C
  • Men, 70s-80s, retirement
  • Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)

The Good News Bible Class recently celebrated its 76th anniversary. The class is the second oldest class in the church. It began in 1937 and continues today in a journey of faith—enjoying the Good News of Christ’s work in the lives of its members.

  • Promotion Vice-President: Warner Grubb
  • Teacher: Dewey Hamrick
  • Treasurer: J.W. Clark

    Galatians 3:28

    • Room 361
    • Chris O’Rear
    • Curriculum: Foundations (Smith & Helwys)
    • A deeper study of the Bible with application to everyday life

    Classes are built around the rich discussion that comes from sharing diverse life experiences, education, and backgrounds. Members are encouraged to bring their questions about the weekly scripture as the class works together to answer difficult questions of faith that go beyond traditional answers. The class is committed to practical application of scripture and regularly participates in mission activities inside and outside the congregation.

    • Teachers: Chris O’Rear, Cliff Vaughn


    • Room E230
    • Jimmy Hester
    • Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life (LifeWay)
    • Biblical guidance for the sandwich generation

    As a group of adults often labeled the sandwich generation, members seek biblical guidance to better CONNECT with God, CONNECT with their parents, and CONNECT with their children.

    • Teacher: Jimmy Hester
    • Secretary: Greg Daniels


    • Room 460
    • Ric & Sharon Herrera
    • Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)Fellowship and Bible study that encourages Christian living

    A class of median adults encouraging and edifying one another through Bible study, prayer, service, and fellowship.

    • Directors: Ric & Sharon Herrera
    • Inreach/Outreach: Carol Ann Shull
    • Teachers: Wes Turner, Jerry Burden

    Truth Seekers

    • Room E221
    • Connie Powell
    • Curriculum: The Gospel Project (LifeWay)
    • Bible study for Sanctuary Choir members

    An eclectic group of choir folks—young, median, and senior adults; single and married—who engage in serious Bible study with an emphasis on participation in wide-ranging discussion.

    • Director: Connie Powell
    • Teachers: Tim Stewart, Don & Janis Aston


    • Room 461
    • Contact: Pat Clark
    • Curriculum: Explore the Bible (LifeWay)
    • Women seeking biblical guidance for life

    A class for women of any age and marital status who want to respond to God’s call for a deeper understanding of His Word and its relevance to daily life. Bible study, prayer, and nurturing relationships with other women make a dynamic combination. Members develop endearing friendships that meet the need for a place to belong, grow, serve, and live the abundant life in Christ.

    • Care Group Leaders: Pat Clark, Karen McArthur, Nancye Stewart
    • Ministry Coordinators: Marilu White, Andrea Lindsey
    • Prayer Coordinator: Karen McArthur

    The Bridge

    • Fellowship Hall Stage
    • Curriculum: Selected book of the Bible
    • New beginnings for life transitions

    Building bridges with Nashville’s downtown homeless and less fortunate community, members reach out and give hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus Christ by showing people the reality of Christ through healing hands and open hearts.

    • Teachers: Kathy Wilcox, Doug Saunders, Robin & Russell Brothers

    Joshua Class

    • Room 340
    • Director: Joan Lehning
    • Curriculum: Selected book of the Bible
    • Bible study that breaks down walls that separate people

    Joshua was chosen as the class name to describe the absence of “walls” that can separate people. Members are encouraged to think more deeply about how the scripture applies to their lives in a practical way. They enjoy reading aloud from the Old and New Testaments in each lesson. Insights are gained from hearing answers to probing questions and challenge members to grow in their understanding of what God expects. Breakfast on the 2nd Sunday of each month and quarterly lunches in the classroom encourages building friendships and deepening relationships.

    • Care Group Leaders: Pam Moudy, Joy Fisher
    • Teacher: Lisa Pruitt


    • Room 140
    • Curriculum: Foundations (Smith & Helwys)
    • Gifted and experienced adults seeking God’s will

    Members enjoy world travel and a variety of life experiences. Members range in age from early 50s and up and the class is blessed with gifted with experienced teachers and members who are caring and diverse.

    Secretary: Hazel Hughes
    Teachers: Tom & Alene Harris; Norma Gabhart